The Children's Place is a non-profit organization based in Kansas City, dedicated to providing mental health services to young children. As part of our ongoing efforts to connect with the broader Kansas City community, attract new donors, and position ourselves as mental health experts, we developed a comprehensive social media strategy. This encompassed content creation, planning, and execution, with a focus on parent tips, fundraising campaigns, and mental health awareness.
Expert Positioning: To establish The Children's Place as a trusted authority in the field of children's mental health.
Community Engagement: To foster a sense of community and connection among parents and caregivers in the Kansas City area by sharing valuable parenting tips and resources.
Donor Acquisition: To attract new donors and supporters through engaging social media content and fundraising campaigns.
Crisis Response
On February 14th the Kansas City community faced an unthinkable event—a shooting at the Superbowl Parade, which injured several children. As the leading mental health organization for young children, we responded by (quickly) providing support and resources for the community. We developed a comprehensive social media campaign aimed at helping the community heal and process the traumatic event and to raise awareness about the importance of mental health support for children and families.
Facebook: Engagement increased by 60% and Post Reach increased by 227%
Instagram: Engagement increased by 72% and Post Reach increased by 244%. Gained over 100 new followers.
Highest number of likes ever received—on our initial carousel post following the event
Highest reach ever seen—our Helping Children Through Scary Times video
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